Population health management (PHM) is one of the biggest buzz phrases in healthcare today. But, while many providers talk about PHM, few have successfully incorporated it into their operations.

So, what is PHM?

Essentially it is a participatory model of targeted interventions that engage a patient population across a broad continuum of health and wellness. Its goal is to use cost-effective and tailored health solutions to maintain and improve patients’ physical and emotional wellbeing. PHM strives to reduce medical spending across healthcare systems, practices or delivery networks by applying broader strategies and evidence-based practices to larger groups.

Much of PHM’s current popularity traces to the movement toward value-based care which pays providers for patient or episodic care as opposed to specific services, allowing them to consider a range of non-medical factors impacting patient health such as diet, shelter and access to transportation.  Implementing PHM is difficult for providers who need to combine population statistics and medical data to create long term care plans for patients.

Predictive analytics, a term almost as buzz worthy as population health management, has been touted as the answer to this challenge. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf predictive analytics programs have fallen short of their hype, providing general results that lack the insights and detail needed to be really useful in treating patients.

In response to this first generation of flawed tools, experts have created the next generation of predictive analytics, like the Artificial Intelligence-based Predictive Data Science (PDS) program pioneered by Keui’s experts.  PDS uses both medical and non-medical population factors to create optimal outcomes for a specific patient. Interventions for at risk patients are based on medical data, population factors and characteristics of patients not at risk.

Ultimately, in a value-based care model, providers will use population health management to provide holistic care to all their patients.
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